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About Us


At Coretech Design Drafting Solutions, we value our clients and manage each project with respect, accuracy and attention to detail. We establish a strong professional relationship with our fabricators that ensure a successful outcome.


We deliver a quality product based on our understanding of scheduling commitments and workshop deadlines. We are proficient in producing quality drawings that ensure precision detailing which satisfies budgetary requirements without incurring additional expenses.

Project Types

We have experience in all facets of steel detailing from commercial to industrial projects. Projects completed include schools, hospitals, stadiums, airports, car plants, power plants and oil and gas processing facilities.


Coretech guarantees the expertise and professional approach to implement quality services with enhanced scheduling proficiencies.


Coretech’s successful relationship with clients is built on effective communication. We establish clear project goals and maintain regular updates on project developments and milestones. To promote prompt and efficient contact with fabricators, we speak to them personally by telephone and obtain confirmation through e-mail correspondence. All conversations are recorded to ensure accuracy. E-mails are answered immediately and a secure FTP site is used to transfer large files.

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